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Final Airing

Tonight's Wedge will be the final edition. If you haven't heard by now, MuchMusic is eliminating ALL of their branded shows next week and moving them to 5am with generic brandings:
Early Tuesdays - "Rap & R&B Videos" (Replaces MuchVibe)
Early Wednesdays - "Rock Music Videos" (Replaces MuchLoud)
Early Thursdays - "Hip Hop Music Videos" (Replaces Rap City)
Early Fridays - "Alternative Music Videos" (Replaces The Wedge)
Early Saturdays - "Dance Music Videos"

VideoFlow has been replaced with "New Music Videos"
MOD is being replaced with "New.Music.Live"
MuchMegaHits and The Ledge are gone, with The Punk Show and Spotlight being cancelled earlier this year when they brought in the generic openings, French Kiss is the ONLY surviving video block.

Hopefully the content of "Dance Music Videos" isn't picked by the same people who compiled the MuchDance 2011 CD (Seriously they think BIEBER is dance?)

At least the CRTC denied CTV's plan to reduce video content to 25% of the day...

And with that anyone want to start a campaign where we send slabs of meat to 299 Queen St West?:
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